We're Open & There's Lots of Room

We're Open & There's Lots of Room

Sewer's Delight is open, and trading as usual. We have a big, spacious shop with lots of things to see and inspire you, and plenty of room for you to browse around with a comfortable social distance from one another. 

The entire Sewer's Delight team welcomes you to our large, open store to take some time out from the day-to-day noise and do some browsing around, planning of your next project and topping up your sewing supplies. We are trading 9am to 4.30pm weekedays, 9am to 2pm Saturdays and 10am to 1pm Sundays, but if you aren't heading out, you can still enjoy purchasing your sewing supplies by giving us a call and talking to us in person: 3806 9600. We'll place your order and post it to you, or if you'd like to do some after-hours shopping, have a browse around our website.

Of course, we respect your safety, health and well-being, and are diligent in operating while maintaining high levels of hygienic standards, and we have our own bathroom with wash basin and soap for thorough hand washing.

If you have any questions about your visit before you pop down, also feel free to give us a call.

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