$5 Fabrics for Covid Sewing


 We're delighted to be able to help this cause by donating a big stash of our patchwork fabric to Sewing for Charity Australia. Their lovely volunteer stitchers❤️ are working hard making scrub caps and masks. We'd like to go even further and offer lots of our fabric at $5 per metre to anyone sewing for this same cause on their own.

Just call us Monday, Wednesday or Friday: 38069600, between 9 and 1, and let us know what you're making. We'll put some fabric together for you at just $5 per metre - or if you live further away, or are staying at home, still call and we'll let you know what the postage is to your area...and you won't need to buy 5 metres at a time. Even just a single metre can contribute.

We love that even while we are all separated at the moment, we are still finding a way to stay working together as a sewing community, and we love being a part of that too😊😊.

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