Sew Your Own Stuff

Sewer's Delight

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This is a social sewing class designed to give you support and encouragement as you work on your own sewing project.

Things you can work on in this class include learning how to:

  • patchwork
  • applique
  • make bags
  • small projects like scrunchies
  • small quilting jobs
  • just about any sewing project
  • hand sewing

No matter what you are working on and what techniques you want to use, Mavis will not only help you work on your project, she'll also teach you how to do it. An easy-paced environment where you'll not only feel welcome, you'll also feel confident. 

Already a confident sewing enthusiast? Fabulous - come along and enjoy the company. Looking to work on a machine embroidery project? Try Embroider Everything instead.

COVID & Our Classroom

As we ease back into classes, we have moved our tables to put more space between students, and reduced student numbers to a maximum of 6. Our store is very large, and our class area can accommodate 7 students and 2 tutors.

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