Sewing Classes - July 2020 - Items tagged as "Beginners-classes"

Start sewing socially again, in a friendly sewing class, or just enjoy good company with some social sewing at Sewer's Delight. Being very mindful of Covid-19 precautions, we've started back into some classes again for July😍.

As Sewer's Delight eases back into classes, we have moved our tables to put more space between students, and reduced student numbers to a maximum of 6. Our store is very large, and our class area can accommodate 7 students and 2 tutors. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call: ☎️3806 9600

Download our NEW Clickable Class List HERE!

UNDER Construction! We haven't added products here yet! Doesn't mean we can't help - just call: 3806 9600

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