ScanNCut Your Christmas

Sewer's Delight


There is no better season to dust off the Scan N Cut and start getting creative! Christmas gives us the perfect excuse to make all sorts of fun little things on our Scan N Cut and we've put a few projects together that will help you get into the Christmas spirit! Join Penny on for these evening classes (because we know how busy you are during the day), and you'll not only get some fab Christmas projects made, but you'll also learn more about your Scan N Cut than ever! Places are limited, so you need to book early! The class fee will include kits to make your Christmas things!

ALL Models of Scan N Cut are welcome :-)

Things you'll need to bring: 

  • Your Brother Scan N Cut and all of the accessories that you have
  • Standard mat in good condition
  • Standard cutting blade in good condition
  • Universal pen holder (in addition to the standard pen holder)
  • Non-scented baby wipes
  • Small, sharp scissors
  • Small black permanent marker
  • Fresh, new, working glue-stick
  • Zip-lock bags for loose pieces of cut things
  • A large plastic container or box to take your project home without getting squished 

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