Hints and Tips For Your Sewing Embroidery And Overlockers

Bobbins--like needles and thread--are the least expensive part of your sewing projects. Don’t buy the cheapest thread available. Use quality thread. Change your needle often. Use the correct needle for the project. And use the correct bobbin. You’ll be glad you did! 

With Your Overlockers be sure to use the right needle for your overlocker, not all overlockers use sewing machine needles, be sure to check with your local sewing store for the right needle.

Needle Threaders.

It does not matter what machine you have, when using your needle threader you need to make sure your needle is in the highest position, or you will damage your needle threader, also make sure when you put your bobbin in that it goes in and looks like the letter P  (P for perfect ).


Make sure you use the correct Bobbin for your machine,

There are a lot of different bobbins out there and not all bobbins fit all machines.