No Cheap & Nasty Sewing Machine "Freebies"

Don't be fooled by poor quality, off-brand bonuses with your sewing machine...

We know that you are looking for the best value for money when you purchase your new sewing machine, new overlocker or new embroidery machine, and at Sewer's Delight we do our very best to help you achieve this with friendly advice and honest pricing.

As you look around the internet for your new sewing machine, you'll find that some retailers are offering too-good-to-be-true bonuses, like specialty feet and accessories, that add hundreds of dollars of value to your purchase. Sadly though, very often theseĀ feetĀ are cheap and nasty inferior knock-offs, not actually made for that brand of machineĀ orĀ by that company. You are being misleadĀ about them beingĀ actual genuine branded products (we've even heard of some businesses repackaging knock-offsĀ in blister packs to look like they are genuine accessories), and they are being enormously overpriced to improve the perceived value of your bonus. In reality,Ā a bonusĀ of hundreds can be picked up from sites like Ali Express for literally just a few dollars.

Sewer's Delight is a sewing machine and supplies store with a team of hard-working sewing enthusiasts, who love our industry and helping our customers, and we strongly object to this kind of marketing. Not only does it deceive you as a consumer, but these non-genuineĀ feet can also have an actual negative impact on your stitch quality and on your sewing machine itself, and it offends us to see fellow sewers being taken advantage of.Ā 

Because in our caution to you here we are all about being honest,Ā it's only fair that we ad that this practice also effects us. It's very difficult for our store to try to compete with many major online machine retailers who are offering these big bonus offers, because we refuse to mislead our customers.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new machine, that's exciting! Give us a call for a chat and not only will we give you all of the right advice that you need, but we'll also offer you our best, honest price. And you can always be certain that any bonuses, or freebies that we include with our products are genuine, branded items endorsed by the machine manufacturer and worth every dollar that we say it is.

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