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Looking for sewing lessons and sewing classes to help you learn how to patchwork, make bags, or to use your Scan N Cut or embroidery machine? Know the basics but would like someone to help you with the trickier stuff? Or maybe you are just looking for a nice place to sit and sew and chat? Sewer's Delight in Browns Plains has a big, air-conditioned classroom with lots of space for sewing cutting and quilting, and we host most of our sewing classes on weekdays from 9am to Noon.

All skill levels are welcome in our classroom, and you will find our atmosphere encouraging and confidence building. Because we are a sewing machine store, we can help you learn your sewing machine while you sew – we even have a technician in store every day in case something goes wrong, and our shop is filled with lots and lots and lots of interesting sewing tools, machine accessories and beautiful patchwork fabrics (most of them are $15 a metre).

Your can see our list of classes below, or download and print it for the fridge! **Coming soon - you will be able to book into all of our classes conveniently online**

Can't make it to a class this time, but like the idea? Would like to learn a technique that you don't see here? You can register your interest for a repeat of a class, or let us know a class you'd like to see HERE.



Made for Embroidry - FREE

Join Brother's state manager, Jennene Burge, for this FREE and eye-poppingly awesome demonstration on how to whip up an embroidery design from just a drawing, just using the new Brother Stellaire! You'll also learn how to use your ScanNCut to pre-cut your machine embroidery applique pieces, and then how to embroider with metallic threads. RSVP for this event to go into our lucky door prize, plus we'll have some exciting new classes coming up that attendees of this event, will get VIP status for more embroidery events is 2020. 

Event is held Saturday 26th October 10am to Noon

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Learn How to Use Your Machine - FREE or $25

No matter if your sewing machine is a big brand new one that you just unpacked, or an old faithful that you haven't used to its full potential, Sewer's Delight will be hosting a class just focused on understanding the basics of what button does what and why. This is a hands-on class and is a stress-free way to feel confident about using your sewing machine.

This class is free if you've purchased your NEW machine from us in the last 2 years, and for everyone else, including machines purchased from department stores like Spotlight, it is $25 for the 1 hour class. This class is a sewing machine class and bookings are essential. This is a group lesson - if you'd prefer a private lesson, please call us for a chat: 3806 9600

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Sew Social $5 Sewing Day - $5 - with Mavis Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the Month 10am to 3pm

Just want to get out of the house? Love to chat while you sew? Maybe you are looking for a nice space to be creative? Grab $5 and come along to our Sew Social $5 Sewing Days.

Held the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month, there is no tutor for this class, but a friendly group of people sewing their own projects in our big and roomy air-conditioned classroom. Mavis will be there to keep you company, and we have kitchen facilities for your lunch, a coffee machine, and plenty of areas for cutting and ironing. 

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Sew Your Own Stuff - $30 - with Mavis Every Monday and Thursday 9am to NOON

This is a social sewing class designed to give you support and encouragement as you work on your own sewing project. No matter what you are working on and what techniques you want to use, Mavis will not only help you work on your project, she'll also teach you how to do it. An easy-paced environment where you'll not only feel welcome, you'll also feel confident.  Already a confident sewing enthusiast? Fabulous - come along and enjoy the company. SYOS is held every Monday and Thursday of the week, except public holidays, from 9am to Noon. Bookings are essential.

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Embroider Everything - $30 – with Erin Every Tuesday 9am to NOON

This is a social sewing class designed to give you support and encouragement as you work on your own machine embroidery project - or join others in the class to work on a bigger project that you decide upon yourselves.

No matter what you are working on or what embroidery machine you use, Erin will not only help you work on your project, she'll also show you tips and techniques as you go. Start thinking outside of the box with your embroidery projects, and try something new with help to build your confidence.

Don't need much help? Come along and enjoy having a chat while you watch your machine stitch. Embroider Everything is held every Tuesday from 9am to Noon. Bookings are essential.

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Scan N Cut CLASS

Scan N Cut Your Christmas - $45 per class including a kit

There is no better season to dust off the Scan N Cut and start getting creative! Christmas gives us the perfect excuse to make all sorts of fun little things on our Scan N Cut and we've put a few projects together that will help you get into the Christmas spirit! Join Penny on for these evening classes (because we know how busy you are during the day), and you'll not only get some fab Christmas projects made, but you'll also learn more about your Scan N Cut than ever! Places are limited, so you need to book early! The class fee will include kits to make your Christmas things!

ALL Models of Scan N Cut are welcome :-)

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Free Motion Mojo - A Monthly Free Motion Skill Builder

Set your stippling spirit free and become the master of your free motion mojo is this slow-and-steady paced workshop with Kelly. Each month you will work on building a free motion skill or technique and you’ll have plenty of time to practice, ask questions and make mistakes. Each month’s technique will build to a quilting weekend project at the end of the year, or you can just learn something every class.

Important! If this is your first booking,  please speak to Kelly prior to class to get caught up: 3806 9600

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Bags Bags Bags - $45

Bags are a very satisfying sewing project, but sometimes they can be tricky. Kath will be doing a different bag every month, but you are also welcome to come along and work on whatever pattern you are stitching up. You'll learn how to set your machine to sew through thicker layers, or maybe how to put in a zipper for a nice finish. Like all of our classes, our classroom is also a great social sewing environment that you'll love. 

So that you can get your bag finished, this class runs for a longer day.

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Applique with Motif Stitch - $20 with Kelly 

This will be a step-by-step, easy-paced class focusing on Applique techniques so that you can build your skill and confidence. Each month we will cover a new way to do applique, and show you how to put them into action. This will include satin stitch, blanket stitch, motif stitch, and raw edge with free-motion. Then, at the end of the year, we'll introduce a big applique project for you to dive into.

Keep an eye out for more technique workshops where we cover skill-building on a specific technique so you can get a strong working understanding for you to take home or come to Mavis’ Patchworking Class and put into action!

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Knit While We Stitch - with Mavis $5 Monday and Thursday of each week 9am to Noon

If you love to knit but don't want to sit around the house on your own, join us in our classroom while we have some of our very friendly sewing classes. For $5 you can join us and our happy sewing enthusiasts for company and conversation while you knit your own project. You'll need to book to come along, and if you'd prefer to crochet or embroider instead, you can do that too. Please keep in mind that there is no tuition for this class - but there is good company.

**Want to teach a knitting or crochet class? Ask Angie or maybe you'd like to take us up on our FREE classroom offer HERE.

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Book Our Sewing Room - no charge to local sewing or craft tutors - varied availability 

Are you a sewing or craft teacher looking for a new space? Maybe you have an idea that you'd like to teach but don't have the space? Sewer's Delight is offering our classroom FREE to teachers, tutors or instructors of classes for crafts, sewing, arts - anything that needs a nice, roomy space in a friendly environment with our own amenities. There are a couple of Ts&Cs and we need to check availability, so please call us to finalize your booking BEFORE advertising to your students. We can also help you with advertising for a small fee.

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