Anita Goodesign Horse Tile Scene

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A tile scene is a tapestry that you create by stitching multiple designs together to form a larger scene. We have created multiple tile scenes in the past, but we have been waiting for the perfect time to bring this artwork to life. Year after year we have been trying to visualize how to create this tile scene from this one of a kind artwork. After collaborating together, we decided to use warm, bright fleece fabrics combined with simple zig zag stitches to create the Horse Tile Scene. It can be stitched out quickly because it isn’t stitch intensive, but still holds a very realistic quality. As you stitch out each block, you will love how this magical scene comes to life. It will look great
as a kitchen or living room wall hanging. As an added bonus, we decided to finish our quilt with an offbeat style by adding a fleece fringed border, making it the perfect blanket. The choice is yours!