Bosal Thermal Fleece


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Bosal Poly-Therm fleece Heat Resistant Fabric item 364. This is useful in SO many projects. Perfect for creating hot pads, BBQ and cooking mitts, ironing board covers, costumes, flat-iron or curling iron totes, and crafts. Also recommended for quilting, apparel, lunch bags, sleeping bags, wine caddies, stadium blankets, throws, window treatments and coverings (reflects heat source), place mats, trivets, oven mitts, throws and wraps for outdoor activities and sporting events. White fleece on one side allows for machine or hand quilting with the dimensional effects we love and the silver lining on the other side actually reflects heat back to the source allowing for use in homemade coolers and warmers. Constructed of 100% polyester fleece and 100% polyethylene film.


How to use heat resistant poly-therm batting: Use two ply of the silver (metallic) side of the batting toward the heat source. On a potholder, put the silver (metallic) side against the wrong side of the fabric you are using to line the palm of the pot holder or mitt. The metallic side is facing out towards the heat source when you use the potholder. You can also add a layer of cotton batting in between the Poly-­Therm to make for a more comfortable and thicker pot holder or mitt. Poly-therm is also a great batting to use as a lining in lunch bags and totes to keep food cool. 


Note: At least one layer of cotton batting is recommended with Bosal PolyTherm Fleece when used for oven mitts, trivets, or potholders as a shield between the outer fabric and the Poly-Therm Fleece (extreme heat will melt fleece and film). When you purchase, you'll receive a 62" wide piece. Select length from the pull-down menu.



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