Horn Modular thread storage cabinet


Available for pre-order

​Horn Modular thread storage cabinet....PRE-ORDER is available by calling Horn Australia or contacting your nearest Horn Specialist.

  • This is a 5 drawer Thread holder cabinet.
  • The thread holders are removable from the drawers just like our 5 Drawer Rolla Storage unit.
  • The thread holders are designed to fit embroidery threads and cotton reels.
  • The back extension opens to the rear of this cabinet.


  • 400 Wide
  • 750 High
  • 600mm Deep. With the Optional Back Extension Kit #3 the depth of the cabinet is an extra 400mm deeper when opened. Total depth with the Back Extension #3 is 1000mm. This is an optional extra. It is not included in the price Modular thread storage Cabinet


Ash White


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