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Husqvarna Viking

DEMO Husqvarna Designer Epic 980Q

DEMO Husqvarna Designer Epic 980Q

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Catch Joy by the Seams!

Discover highly intuitive, leading-edge features that will help you bring your ideas to life.

It is the lightest and largest computerized sewing machine available to sewists today. It includes everything our previous models offer plus more by taking your sewing experience to an entirely new level.

Included Accessories:

Presser Feet:

Utility Foot A, Decorative Stitch Foot B, Buttonhole Foot C, Blindhem Foot D, Zipper Foot E, Non-Stick Glide Foot H, Edging Foot J, Quilter's 1/4" Piecing Foot P, Embroidery/Darning Foot R, Side-Motion Foot S and Sensor One-Step Buttonhole Foot.

Other Accessories:

4 x Thread net, Universal tool, Seam ripper, Brush, Edge/Quilting guides, 6x Bobbins, 2 x Thread cone holder, 2 x Small Spool Caps, 2 x Medium Spool Caps, 2 x Large Spool Caps, Multipurpose tool / Button reed, Straight Stitch Plate, Softcover for the machine, Foot control, Power cord, Needles

Top Features

  • JoyOS Advisor™ Feature - Select fabric type and get a wide selection of available sewing techniques, from basic to detailed sewing. This feature instantly sets the best stitch, stitch width, stitch length, thread tension/portioning, and presser foot pressure for the technique you choose. The animations and illustrations will also assist you and provide expert advice on the screen.
    • Interactive Tutorials - Learn how to sew different techniques like zippers, collars, hems etc.
    • Stitch techniques - All the exclusive Husqvarna Viking Techniques are shown with step by step instructions, including animations and/or illustrations.
    • Quick Help Touch any stitch, icon or function to see its name and description.
    • The Complete User's Guide is right there on your screen.
  • Large Working Area - There are no limits to your larger than life projects, quilts, home decor and fashion.
    • Large sewing area, more than (310x140mm)
    • The design of the sewing head gives great visibility when sewing.
    • Tall needle area height, 3" (7mm), for easier acced then changing the presser foot and/or needle.
  • Exclusive Stitch Techniques - Husqvarna Viking world class unique stitches for more creative opportunities.
    • Create Dimensional Stitches by adding fabric or sequins for a unique decorative and textured effect; both vertically and horizontally.
    • With the Theme Stitches you can randomly select from different stitches in the same family.
  • mySewnet™ - WiFi Connectivity and Apps - mySewNet™ allows easy access to files from multiple devices, including your computer, tablet or sewing machine. The files will always be syncronized and available whenever you need them via WiFi.
    • Automatic updates
    • Free mySewnet™ account with ability to share content between devices.
    • Apps available for both Android and iOS.
  • Large 10.1" Display with Capacitative Touch - Easy to navigate through various screens using multi-touch gestures.
    • Large (10.1", 217x136mm) Full-colour capacitive touch screen with 180° viewing angle and high resolution (1280x800)
    • The user interface delivering optimum intuitive experience. Designed by Sewists by Sewists.
  • Fully Automatic Needle Threader - With one touch of a button your needle is threaded and ready to sew.
  • Illuminated Working Area - Especially developed lighting, designed to give expeptional even lighting across the whole work area.
    • Developed by optronic experts.
    • Created by revolutionary LED technology and light guide optics.
    • See fabric and stitches in true colour and without shadows.
  • Exclusive Sensor System Feature - Automatically and continiously senses and adjusts to any thicknless of fabric for perfect, even feeding as you sew.
    • Sensor Foot Lift - The presser foot lowers and raises automatically for every sewing tehcnique.
    • Sensor Foot Pivot - Automatic Float position with the needle down for instant pivoting, easy applique, and quilting. Your hands are free to guide the fabric.
    • Sensore Foot Pressure - The Presser Foot continously senses the thickness of the fabric and automatically adjusts the presser foot pressure, for even feeding on all types of fabric.
  • DeLuxe™ Stitch System - Spend less time on macine adjustments with high quality results regardless of your chosen fabric and thread type. It is perfect for use with metallic. silver or other specialty threads.
    • Thread positioning feeds the optimum amount of thread for each stitch, no matter what type of thread type or fabric thickness.
    • Choose between Thread Portioning or Thread Tension for specific techniques and accessories.

Sewing Features:

  • Electronoc Needle Piercing Power - Stitch through heavy fabrics or several layers without hesitation.
    • Pulsating force gives superior results when sewing through heavy/dense fabrics or multiple layers.
    • Maximum needle force 150Nw.
  • Lightweight, One-Piece Aluminum Casting - A light-weight machine with a very large working area.
    • Sturdy and quiet.
    • Less vibrations.
  • Large Bobbin and Bobbin Winding Through Needle - A time-saver and very convenient bobbin winding.
    • Do more sewing before the bobbin needs to be changed.
    • There is no risk of the tread tangling with the placement on the side of the machine.
    • Separate bobbin winding motor.
  • Extensive Selection of Built-in Stitches - Endless opportunities to be creative.
    • Over 1000 Stitches
    • 19 categories for easy selection
    • Exclusive patented stitch techniques
    • 5 sewing alphabets, with both upper and lower-case letters, for easy programming.
  • New Thread Path with Telescopic Thread Guide - Use larger spools of your favourite thread.
    • Easily use all types and sizes of thread.
    • More convenient bobbin winding.
  • Interchangable Dual Feed Included - Nomatter what type of fabric, it has never been easier to keep your fabrics in place.
    • The Interchangeable Dual Feed with changeable presser feet is designed to feed layers of fabric and/or batting evenly.
    • it is perfect for quilting, sewing velvet, stretch fabrics, leather and fabrics that require precise pattern matching.
  • Sewing Functions - All your necessary functions at your command with the touch of a button or program them for your needs.
    • Needle Up/Down
    • Start/Stop
    • Stop
    • Fix
    • Automatic Thread Cutter
    • Pattern Restart
    • Speed
  • Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes - The Sensor One-Step Buttonhole Foot automatically sews perfect one-step buttonholes every time.
    • Sews both sides of the buttonhole in the same direction for evenly balanced buttonholes.
    • 11 buttonhole styles and eyelets designs for various sewing applications.
  • Balance - Find the balance setting right there on the screen for easy editing when using special fabric and / or thread.

Machine Features:

  • Straight Stitch Plate and Sensor - The perfect help for straight stitch sewing with any special accessory.
    • Attach the Straight Stitch Plate and the machine sensor alerts you if you select any stitch other than a straight stitch.
    • No need to worry about damaging needles anymore.
  • Two Free-Motion Settings - Choose the setting that you prefer to use.
    • Free-motion spring action
    • Free-motion floating
  • Stitch Positioning - Easily line up stitches to sew exactly where you want them to be.
    • Free-motion spring action.
  • 29 Needle Positions - The ability to sew a straight stitch in 29 different needle positions for perfect topstitching, edge stitching, under stitching, stitching-in-the-ditch or quilting.
  • Accessory Box With Customised Compartment - Keep all of your accessories tidy and close at hand.
    • Store your presser feet in alphabetical order.
    • Straight stitch plate clicks into place.
    • Slot for sensor buttonhole foot.
  • Two USB ports - Allows for the smooth transfer of files and updates.
  • Soft Cover - Dust free storage for your machine.
  • Inch/Cm Ruler On the Base Plate - Convenient measuring right on the sewing machine.
    • Ruler up to 19"(48.5cm).
    • Button Ruler.
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