Make a T-Shirt Overlocker Class

Sewers Delight


You know how to thread your overlocker, and you’ve got the straight seams sorted out. Now understand how to make a T-Shirt! In this class you’ll make up a shirt that you’ll never wear – instead you’ll have writing all over it to use it as a reference for your first big REAL shirt that you make. This is a skill-building class and you’ll need to have a sound understanding of the basics of your overlocker. NOT YOU? Keep an eye out for our next Overlocker Basics instead.

Skill Level: MIDDLE - you'll know how to use your overlocker, and can sew straight without stress. Higher levels of confidence are welcome.
All models of 4-thread overlocker are welcome. Please make sure that your machine is in working order prior to class, as we are unable to refund class fees if your machine isn't operational. Not sure? Bring it in for a service.

Things you'll need for this class:

  • Your 4-thread overlocker and all of its normal accessories, and threaded with white thread and new size 14 needles
  • Foot control (please pack your foot control)
  • Sharp fabric cutting scissors
  • Small sharp scissors or snips
  • Good quality pins (honestly, good pins work so much better)
  • Quick unpick
  • Tape measure
  • 2 old adult size shirts - either op-shop rescues or cheap t-shirts from a department store. Please be sure these are cotton or cotton blend shirts, and adult size is much easier to handle for beginners.

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