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Brother PE Design Next

Brother PE Design Next

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PE-DESIGN® NEXT takes digitising and embroidery to the next level of creativity with exceptional new features.

A user-friendly graphical interface, similar to many software programs on the market today, makes it easy to locate and select the dynamic functions of this software. In addition, the quick access toolbar allows you to customise your favourite operations so they are only a quick click away. Several "Start Your Own Business" functions have been added such as the new PE-DESIGN® NEXT Link Function that allows up to four PR-1000 and upgraded PR-650 machines to be linked from a single computer with queue functionality. Other time savers are the lettering and design template feature, which provide the ability to create perfectly sized logos with lettering and designs, and the new Name Drop Template feature that can be used to create different names with the same design and layout. Many other exciting features such as enhanced lettering, more stitch and pattern variations and more built-in fonts have been added to make your digitising and lettering projects a breeze.

Already own PE-DESIGN® versions 6.0, 7.0 or 8.0? You can still enjoy all the new and enhanced features of PE-DESIGN® NEXT by easily upgrading your existing software with PE-DESIGN® NEXT Upgrade. Call 01483 267777 for details.

New Features for PE-Design® Next

• New Easy-to-Use Graphical Interface 
• Customised Quick Access Toolbar / Customised Shortcut Keys 
• PE-DESIGN® NEXT LINK - Link up to 4 PR-1000 or Upgraded PR-650 Machines with Queue Functionality 
• 100 Built-in Fonts with On-Screen Typing Capability 
• Outline Sewing for Select Built-in Fonts 
• Convert Pre-digitised Text to Block for Customising Lettering Shapes or Stitch Angles 
• Connection Point Setting provides the ability to change jump stitches for Lettering 
• Editing Capabilities in 3D Image Mode 
• Start Your Own Business Lettering and Design Templates 
• Pan Tool 
• Name Drop Function for Merging Names into Templates 
• Candle wicking Stitch and Stem Stitch 
• Create Spiral Floral Pattern 
• Circle Copy and Mirror Copy 
• Create Offset Lines for Decorative Effects such as Echo Quilting 
• Import Vector Images (WMF) 
• Offset Attribute for Motif Stitch Patterns 
• Default Size Setting for Motif Stitch Patterns and Programmed Fill Stitch 
• Create Embossing and Engraving Effects with Outlines and Shapes 
• Create Split Embroidery Designs for Jumbo Frames Using Machines Camera sensor Technology 
• Jump Stitch Thread Trimming Setting for PR Series Machines

Contents Include:
• USB Card Writer Module 
• CD-Rom 
• Memory Card 
• Installation Guide 
• Instruction Manual 
• Positioning Sheet

Minimum PC Requirements
Computer: IBM PC or compatible computer
Operating System: Windows® XP/ Windows Vista®/ Windows® 7 (32 or 64 bit)
Processor: 1GHz or higher
Memory: 512MB (1GB or more is recommended)
Hard disk free space: 300MB
Monitor: XGA (1024 x 768), 16-bit colour or higher
Port: 1 available USB
CD-ROM drive: Required for installation

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