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Pfaff Foot Bias Binder Foot

Pfaff Foot Bias Binder Foot

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Bias binding your garment or project is often a sewing technique that alarms people. Often the sewist will put this off until right to the end, or not complete the project at all.

By using the Bias Binder Foot from PFAFF, you will no longer have those unfinished items in your pile!

What is Bias Binding?

Bias binding, also known as bias tape, is a narrow strip of fabric cut on the diagonal, or 45°, to the lengthwise grain of the fabric. This is known as the bias and is where the most amount of stretch happens in fabric. It creates a ‘flexible’ strip that allows the fabric to be applied to curves more easily without creating puckers or tucks. It comes as a single fold format, where the raw edges are folded in towards the centre of the tape, or double fold, where it is folded a second time at the centre length, so the single folds are encased inside the tape.

Bias can range in width from 6mm (1/4”) to approximately 5cm (2”) depending on what you wish to use it for.

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