Sewing Machine Service - Schools

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Keep your school standard-sized sewing machine sewing at it's best with annual sewing machine servicing. Our on-site sewing machine technician will pull apart your sewing machine, remove built-up residue, clean out tired lubricants and rejuvenate all the moving parts with new oils and grease. We'll also check the functions of your sewing machine, and make sure it comes back to you at its very best.

Purchasing this service today allows you to transact using the convenience of our online payment methods. Please contact us to confirm serivicing schedules: 3806 9600.

Please note that pricing is based on a minimum of 6 machines.

 **Pricing - is for standard service. Please be aware that we may need to charge up to a further $30 for parts during the service. This will be invoiced, and charged upon collection.

For Service on your Sewing Machine please supply the following:

Sewing Machine

  • Foot Pedal and Power Cord
  • Regular (all purpose) foot
  • Satin Stitch Foot
  • Buttonhole Foot
  • Bobbin Case
  • Bobbin

Plus: If you are have specific problems

  • Sample of the Stitching Problems
  • The fabric and thread you were using when the problem was encountered
  • Your description of the problems and Issues you are having

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